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Must tri harder!

I must remember to write something on here now and then. Back training again!

Granitemann off road Triathlon.

Not a happy swimmer!

Up early this morning! The Granitemann off road tri. This is a 400m Reservoire swim, 6.6 mile MTB ride then a 3.2 mile run.

Signed on, racked up. Get in the water 10 mins before the start, to acclimatise they said. No thanks! Trying to be last man in! Got in 2 mins before the start, ducked head a couple of times, sorted goggles. So cold I couldn’t breathe, lets get going!

And, GO!! Right goggle filled up straight away! Darn it! Stop, empty goggle, press it back on and go (again). Arms and legs everywhere, Just getting into it and goggle filled up! And that’s pretty much how the swim went. Final leg of the swim was into the sun, swimming blind. Managed to exit the swim in the correct place. Pure luck!

Relaxed transition, no problems, not quick.

Off on the bike. First section of the bike is up hill singletrack, normally I ride this no problems. I had two riders just in front, trying to ride slower than normal made it tricky. Then on to the “whisky run”, time to open up. Overtook 10-12 riders (including Jill). It felt like a slog by the top, nice to have a breather on the short road section. Then turn in to the car park, back off road, lost the front wheel on the gravel surface. Saved it (just!), and into the trees. Lovely cycling on great rooty singletrack. This Is a track we often ride, then lost the front end on a stretch of “rock garden”! Mucho work has recently been done on the trails. But, i’m sure some of the trees are closing in on the track! Back out of the trees and heading towards transition for the second lap. ACE to see a big crowd. Thanks for the shouts! The second lap was much easier, we were more spread by then, although I ended up on the ground at the same stretch of rock garden again. Think I need to sort tyre pressures!

Need to sort that belly!
Need to sort that belly!

Another relaxed transition.

And off on the run. Started the run with Ben. Ben went off the wrong way, I shouted him back. He then ran the next mile just behind me whaffling at me (shut up, Ben?). Lovely run, I recced this a couple of times, so no surprises. It’s all up hill! Then Ben overtook me, two mins later he headed off the wrong way! OI! Where are you going? Repeat whaffle (shut up!). The last section is down hill. Rough ground, so still hard. Then we hit the grass heading for the finish. Ben comes up beside me and says “If I sprint i’ll be sick” And heads off at 100m pace! I tried, but he had me by 3 secs.

All in all a great day out. Lots of fun. I probably shouldn’t have been up recceing yesterday. Slightly tired legs!



So many great things to write about. Too much to do!

The problem with being a triathlete, is finding the time to write a blog. And when you run, ride and swim too it gets even harder! Off to Norway tomorrow, should be frantically packing! Will write a few things up when i get back!

Ok. Here goes. First proper blog post!

We are currently training for a swim/run ( This is a new venture for us. Us being myself and my fantastic partner Jill. Jill is a much better swimmer than me and being the modest person that I am, I would say I’m the slightly better runner. Jill is much more competitive than me, so working as a team should be highly interesting. Last night we swam/run/swam a nice steady 1500m/5k/750m. Learning lots during every training session. Mostly about chafing! My blood/sugar levels haven’t been great just lately. A period of rest after Isoman ( is where I lay blame. I think regular exercise, even if intensity is reduced is the key to good control of my diabetes. Right! Time for a run in the sun!

Hiya! I’m Steve. I’m a Type 1 diabetic Triathlete. New to this blogging thing, but i hope to write about some of the things i do to encourage others to be active and have fun.

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